Children's Church at Home

Children's church at home

During this time of social distancing we will continue to plan a children's church session for our younger church family each week. You will be able to download this so that you can do it at home as a family to help your children explore the theme that Rev. Peter preaches on in his service (you can catch up with services here). These activities may require some resources but they should be things you can gather up from your homes.

There is also a PDF of activity sheets which the children can complete during the service. All you'll need for these is a pen/pencil/colouring pens and to print off the sheets before the service starts. Enjoy!

This week:

Children's Church @ Home - 2nd August 2020

Activity Sheets - 2nd August 2020

Previous weeks:

Children's Church @ Home - 26th July 2020

Activity Sheets - 26th July 2020

Children's Church @ Home - 19th July 2020

Activity Sheets - 19th July 2020

Children's Church @ Home - 12th July 2020

Activity Sheets - 12th July 2020

Children's Church @ Home - 5th July 2020

Activity Sheets - 5th July 2020

As we focus on Ruth for Bible Month, why not watch this beautiful animation with your family (click on image to be taken to watch it on YouTube):


RUTH 4: Children's Church @ Home - 28th June 2020

RUTH 4: Activity Sheets - 28th June 2020

RUTH 3: Children's Church @ Home - 21st June 2020

RUTH 3: Activity Sheets - 21st June 2020

RUTH 2: Children's Church @ Home - 14th June 2020

RUTH 2: Activity Sheets - 14th June 2020

RUTH 1: Children's Church @ Home - 7th June 2020

RUTH 1: Activity Sheets - 7th June 2020

Children's Church at Home - 31st May 2020

Activity Sheets - 31st May 2020

Our resources this week are taken from an amazing website called, 'Together at Home'. There are many more resources on the website that you may like to explore as a family. We will be using more of them over the coming weeks!

Children's Church @ Home - 24th May 2020

Activity Sheets - 24th May 2020

This week we also encourage you to take a look at the "thy Kingdom Come' resources based around a map with an augmented reality app that is used in collaboration with the map.The app features daily games and videos which will all be delivered through innovative augmented reality! Due to the situation around Covid-19 they have re-worked the map so that it is now available in A4 and can be downloaded and printed at home. It will still work with the augmented reality app, whether printed in colour or black and white.

Children's Church @ Home - 17th May 2020

Activity Sheets - 17th May 2020

Children's Church @ Home - 10th May 2020

Activity Sheets - 10th May 2020

Children's Church @ Home - 3rd May 2020

Activity Sheets - 3rd May 2020