Our Minister

Rev Peter Hibberts

Our Minister is the Reverend Peter Hibberts and he joined us in the September of 2016. He was a school teacher before joining the ministry and still loves to work with families and schools as well as folk of all ages!

He is married to Katie and has four children: Ellie (11), Olivia (8), Joseph (4) and Daisy (1)

You can contact him directly by email or by telephone (01636 812166)

A welcome from our Minister

I'd like to personally welcome you to our website and thank you for stopping by. We'd love to meet with you in person and connect with you in some way. It would be great to see you at one of our events or services where you are sure to get a very warm welcome.

Rev Peter.

Minister's Monthly Message


The pursuit of happiness has always been a difficult but popular one, it was even included as a right in the United States declaration of independence. Indeed everyone seems to have ideas for what we need to make us happy (usually with a price tag) but I think that the real answer is far more elusive than they’d have us believe.

In Sutton on Trent we’ve been running a ‘Happiness Lab’ and we’re planning to run it in North Muskham too - between the Methodist and Anglican Churches, but in the pub! Over seven weeks we examine various things that may improve our basic levels of happiness (gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, friends & family, looking after body & soul and developing coping strategies).

The word happiness has its roots in the Greek word ‘eudaimonia’ literally meaning ‘well being of spirit’ or ‘good lot in life’. Psychologists tell us that around 60% of our happiness is down to a mixture of genetics and circumstances but a whopping 40% of our happiness levels can potentially be changed by adopting some good happiness inducing practices - and they’re all free!

Jesus had some very interesting teachings on happiness which are often called the beattitides. The word for ‘happy’ that is used here is perhaps better translated as ‘blessed’ - it means a prolonged state of being - supremely blest; fortunate, well off. It wasn’t a fleeting happiness that Jesus peddled, one that goes up and down with every circumstance and mood, but instead a lasting one that provides a bedrock only sourced from God. His routes to happiness were quite unusual though - being spiritually poor, mourning, humble, being merciful, pure in heart, working for peace and being persecuted. I suppose it just proves that being blessed and happiness are not simply set by our circumstance as some fo these circumstances are anything but happy! The reality is that we we all have happy times and sad times, but our well being can be much steadier if we have bedrock to anchor to in these times. The prophet Isaiah, speaking around 700BC, said that God would be our foundation in all times - good and bad - and he knew both good and bad times! I would echo that too, I can’t say I’ve seen desperate times but in the tough times I have seen, God has been a source of comfort, hope and encouragement.

I pray for success in your pursuit of happiness but if you would like to pursue it in great company, why not join one of our ‘Happiness Lab’s! You’d be most welcome.

Rev. P. Hibberts