God's Mission at SMC

As we seek to get involved in God’s mission at Southwell Methodist Church we have identified a structure and priorities to support us in growing and being fruitful.

Our Priorities, which were agreed by our Church Council, come under three headings and are by no means all we do, they are simply the areas that we'd like to build and develop in, over the next few years:

SMC Priorities for 2018-2021

It's not really a detailed action plan as we're still working out exactly what we mean by these and how we might move forward in these areas but they are the areas where we feel God is leading us to impact. These will be the foci of our discussions, moving forward, alongside the business of being church.

We aim now to be involved in “Sharing God’s love with all.” and our structure for doing this (the way we support our growth) looks something like this...


Like a tree, if we’re really fruitful and healthy we’ll barely be able to see the structure which supports the growth, but if you’d like to get involved (and we’d love you to) in any of the conversations about how we do church (which happen under the surface) and move forward with these priorities please either speak to the minister or any of the ‘convenors’ who are responsible for making room for these conversations to happen.