Our Minister

Rev Peter Hibberts

Our Minister is the Reverend Peter Hibberts and he joined us in the September of 2016. He was a school teacher before joining the ministry and still loves to work with families and schools as well as folk of all ages!

He is married to Katie and has four children: Ellie, Olivia, Joseph and Daisy.

You can contact him directly by email or by telephone (01636 812166)

A welcome from our Minister

I'd like to personally welcome you to our website and thank you for stopping by. We'd love to meet with you in person and connect with you in some way. It would be great to see you at one of our events or services where you are sure to get a very warm welcome.

Rev Peter.

Minister's Monthly Message

“Christmas Hospitality”

Christmas - the great season of parties, gatherings, invitations, hosting! But what makes a good host at Christmas? The food, the drinks, the party favours, the entertainment?

If you’re familiar with the work of Jacques Derrida you may be familiar with the term ‘radical hospitality’ (it’s a phrase he uses in his book: Derrida, Jacques, Of Hospitality, Stanford University Press, USA. 2000.) Derrida discusses how we are either guest or host in life - indeed at times we will play each. In essence the host makes the rules and the good guest obeys them. Imagine visiting someone’s house: they are the host and will decide if I must take off my shoes as well as where I will sit and what I will drink? What is radical about hospitality in Derrida’s understanding is that the better the host, the less rules they make - so much so that the perfect host makes no rules, ceases to have control and actually becomes the guest in their own space. It’s a bit mind-boggling when you over-think it - is it possible to be a perfect host?

Try thinking about it this way. If God is the creator of all things, including us, God is really the ultimate host. God is in control, deciding all things - making all the rules. But what if God chooses to be what Derrida would term the perfect host? What if God gave us the choice, free-will, to run things how we want. We needn’t take off our shoes or even wipe our feet in the way we look after the world or treat each other. In fact, what if God chose to be such a perfect host that he ceased to be the host and became the guest in his own world; coming as a defenceless, frail baby, at the mercy of the new host: humanity. What would we do with him? Would we make him king? Insist he regain his place as host and save this broken world? Or would we abuse him, reject him, crucify him?

It’s a real choice at Christmas. How do we receive the host of hosts as guest in our lives?